Kuna Middle School (Kuna, ID)

  • Instructor:  April Peterson
  • Location: Kuna, ID
  • School Profile: Public middle school, grades 7-8.  Enrollment of 750
  • Class Title(s): Digital Music 1, Digital Music 2
  • Grades Levels Included: 7th/8th grades
  • Structure of NTM Class(es): Digital Music 1 is for 7th graders and meets for 85 minutes every other day for a 9 week period.  I see the students approximately 22 times.  The class can be taken multiple times with instructor permission.   Digital Music 2 is for 8th graders and meets every other day for 85 minutes for a semester. 
  • Software Used: Noteflight and Soundation
  • Hardware Used: Chromebooks
  • Class NTM Activities:  Students will learn the basis of music through digital music composition.  We learn the history of electronic music and do listening everyday.  Students are expected to complete four required compositions and 2-5 optional projects during the class.  We will be writing our own ringtone songs, creating music to go with video clips and many more. 
  • History: 2014 is the start to our digital music class!  We are a recent Chromebook 1:1 school and as such, we wanted a class where we could really use the technology that we now had.  Band, Choir, Orchestra and Guitar were currently offered, so digital music was created for those students not in a performing ensemble.
  • Success Stories from NTM Activities: Last year I introduced my choir kids to Noteflight for a simple assignment and one student created a huge musical work.  He was featured on our school talent show, was a blog entry on a Chromebook site and became very popular at our school.  Because of his success, I was able to convince administration to purchase noteflight classroom and from there, Digital Music was created.
  • Advice to Others Starting NTM Project: As I'm just starting out with this class, the biggest advice I can give is read everything you can get ahold of and join the online groups (Facebook).  If you have fun with the class, your students will too!
  • Date Submitted: August 2014
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