Fort Hayes Career Center (Columbus, OH)

  • Instructor:  Ryan Van Bibber
  • Location: Columbus OH
  • School Profile: Public High School Career Center, Grades 11-12
  • Class Title(s): Audio Production I (11th Grade) and II (12th Grade)
  • Grades Levels Included: 11-12
  • Structure of NTM Class(es): Classes: 2 classes, 2.5 hours each day, every day, all year long; 2-year career center program.  Seats: 28 per class (56 total). Prerequisites: Interview with teacher.  This program draws students from 25 different high schools in Central Ohio.
  • Software Used: Pro Tools 10, Ableton Live 8
  • Hardware Used: MIDI Lab- 27" iMac, MBox2, MBox Mini, 003 Rack, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, Axiom 25, AV-30s, AV-40s (26 Complete Stations) Microboards G3 Disc Publisher; Studio- G5 PowerMac, 003 Factory Control Surface, Mackie 32:8 Analog Board, Ultragain Pro-8 Profire 2626, Digimax D8, Yamaha Motif XS8, PreSonus HP4 Headphone Amps, lots of mics 
  • Class NTM Activities:  The Audio Production I and II classes comprise a comprehensive, career-track program designed to give students indepth, hands-on experience with industry standard gear and techniques. Students learn how to compose and produce electronic music, apply studio recording techniques, edit audio and MIDI, mix music, and master at a basic level. They also learn how to set up and run live sound for our campus theater and the vocational music program. Students collaborate with actors, dancers, and musicians of many genres. Seniors have the opportunity to intern with local production companies, colleges, churches, and radio stations.
    Our main vehicles for learning in the MIDI Lab are Pro Tools 10 and Ableton Live 8. Additional software installations are in the works! 
  • History: The Audio Production program was developed and implemented by the principal of our school, Milton Ruffin, who is a musician and active recording artist. He modeled the recording studio on his own basement setup and purchased the first stations for the MIDI Lab. The program's first teacher, Brandon Matias, left after one year to pursue a songwriting career in Nashville. I was hired to carry the program forward. Since then, we have rebooted the MIDI Lab with 26 new iMacs, software, and other equipment. 
  • Success Stories from NTM Activities: Several of my students have interned with professional production companies. Our school, Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center, which includes both Fort Hayes Career Center and Fort Hayes 9-12 Arts and Academic High School, was a 2012 Grammy Signature School Enterprise Award Winner, so we have one of those cool gramophone trophies! My students and I made the CD that showcased our diverse music program.
  • Advice to Others Starting NTM Project: I came from the world of traditional music education- I was a middle school band director for 10 years before diving into tech full-time. I have found that my classical training, combined with an open mind and a knack for adapting to the unknown make for a powerful combination. We must find a way to instill these same traits in our students. Creativity and flexibility must be paired with exacting demands and a relentless attention to detail. This is the future of music education and we are getting in on the ground floor!
  • Additional Comments: Feel free to contact me at or 614-365-6681 ext. 2204. I would love to collaborate with other interested parties!
  • Date Submitted: October 2012
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