Torrington High School (Torrington CT)

  • Instructor: Wayne Splettstoeszer
  • Class Title(s): Music Technology I and Music Technology II
  • Grades Levels Included:
  • Structure of NTM Class(es): Music Technology I is an introductory course that exposes students to basic music concepts using the MIDI, digital audio and multi-media applications. Music Technology I meets 4 days a week for one semester (half-year). Upon completion of Music Technology I with a C or better students have the option of registering for Music Technology II. Music Technology II is an advanced course that explores the real world applications of music technology:  radio commercials, the art of foley, podcasting, film scoring and website design are all studied using the applications learned in Music Technology I
  • Software Used: Band In A Box, Master Tracks MIDI sequencing, Sound Forge audio editing, ACID Pro looped based creation, Front Page website design
  • Hardware Used: 20 Dell PC computers, MAudio 49E MIDI controllers, Samson USB microphones - Zoom H2 hand recorder.
  • Class NTM Activities:  Students in Music Technology I and II explore different ways to  create, perform and respond to music through technology.
  • History: The music technology courses were developed in 1995. I arrived at Torrington HS in 1996.  The classes were still in the beginning stages of development. When I started in 1996 I knew nothing about music technology. I had to search online to design and develop the classes. In 1998 our class website was created as a way to enhance the learning experience. In 2000 the music technology lab was created. Presently our Music Tech I course each year has a waiting list. The Torrington High School Music Technology courses have been profiled in School Band and Orchestra Magazine, Music Education Technology Magazine, I.T. Link, Education and numerous other education magazines.
  • Success Stories from NTM Activities: There are many stories that I could share. All of them have the same common thread. They all have to do with non-traditional music students: the students that love music but don't perform in an ensemble. These students have ranged from special education students to National Honor Society students. Each have created, performed and responded to music each in their own way. One example: I had a special education student sitting next to a future music education major. One day I was collecting assignments by saving them to my flash drive. A couple of students didn't put their name when they saved their file. As I was listening to them one was just the best I have heard from that class to date. When I went to the student I thought did the file the student said "No that wasn't mine" the student next to him said "That was my file." The student that created the file was the special education student. The assignment was building a rhythm section in Master Tracks sequencing program. The story above proves that any student can have success with music technology!
  • Advice to Others Starting NTM Project: When starting be patient! Understand that your class will have students of all ability levels. When you give an assignment be prepared to have different levels of an assignment to fit the needs of the students. Any student can have success with music technology! It just depends on how it is presented. Teaching with technology should be fun for the students and you the teacher. I always tell my students I will have more fun they will in this class.
  • Additional Comments: Students in Music Technology I and II explore different ways to create, perform and respond to music through technology.
  • Date Submitted: July 2009
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